Advanced Rail Technologies

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Welcome to Advanced Rail Technologies

ART is focused on providing the international rail market with the most cost effective, state of the art equipment and solutions to improve the capacity and profitability of railways around the world.

As a mission central to this objective ART is leading the development and successful implementation of radio based signalling and control technology using DGPS for train detection and train location.

Advanced Rail Technologies assists and supports companies to market their niche products within the global rail market. Whilst initially this may be in the form of consultancy ART are keen to develop relationships with companies on the basis of marketing incentives, sales agreements and licenses whereby our reward is tied to promotional success supported by our judgment and expertise.

Founded in 2005 by four senior UK railway executives, Advanced Rail Technologies is a UK-registered company that brings together a team with a high degree of proficiency in both business and functional railways skills.

The company was formed to promote and develop advanced technology to improve the economics of rail logistics worldwide. We currently offer products in the areas of train planning, scheduling & simulation systems, and train location & control systems, including a truly low-cost track warrant system.

We also provide advice and consultancy services on a wide range of rail technology issues.

The team behind Advanced Rail Technologies – Bob Clarke, David Wilkinson, David Potter and Tom Greaves – has great experience in all aspects of rail technology and are backed up by expertise from our associates.

Our team are always able to help so please get in touch with us whatever your technology requirements.