Advanced Rail Technologies
TPWS1 TPWS2 TPWS3 Train Protection & Warning System (TPWS)

This UK developed system has been installed over a 10 year period throughout the British Rail System as a compromise to offer improved safety and protection at a significantly reduced cost to that of Automatic Train Protection Systems both installed and projected throughout Europe and in other world locations. The advantage of the TPWS system is that it can be introduced in a phased manner linked to specific signals and junctions which have proven to be high risk and others perceived as requiring safety enhancement and support. The system offers selective speed control. and brake activation when the safety parameters are exceeded. Station and terminal buffer stop approaches, converging junctions or any area where approach speed and retardation are critical issues form the priority zones for implementation. The provision of the network wide fitment of this signalling enhancement has greatly contributed to the current UK operational safety record. ART can direct any enquires to the suppliers of all or component units for fitment to track or rolling stock. In addition safety review consultancy and detailed installation planning services can be arranged.