Advanced Rail Technologies
TWC The ART Track Warrant and Train Register System

This system provides a facility for recording the issue of train warrants and the movement of trains on a small to medium size railway. It has an inbuilt logic which models the interlocking rules of the railway, for example it will only allow one train on to a single line section at any one time. There are two basic applications for the system:
  • in the train control office, where it replaces manual recording and train graphing (but the issue of track warrants or other train movement authority is carried out by a separate signaller or train dispatcher);
  • in the dispatchers office, to control and record the issue of train warrants.
The system consists of a display panel which mimics the track and station layout of the railway system, and displays the train register, and a desk-top terminal into which the controller or dispatcher inputs data and instructions and which provides the record of activities.

The ART Track Warrant and Train Register System offers a truly low-cost option for train control and dispatch offices.

Download PowerPoint demonstration of the ART Track Warrant and Train Register System: Demonstration (3Mb)

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