Advanced Rail Technologies
Bob Clarke Robert (Bob) Clarke. CEng FICE. Director

Bob Clarke has spent his entire working life in the rail industry. He has held senior executive positions both in the public and private sectors. He is a chartered Civil Engineer and has a wealth of experience in design, construction, maintenance, renewal and upgrade of railway infrastructure. He has a reputation for finding innovative ways to deliver high quality operational performance, speed and capacity improvements at low cost. Throughout his career Bob has earned a deserved reputation for introducing business-led engineering solutions to the industry resulting in significant efficiency improvements and step changes in train service quality. During the 1980s and 90s he was the principal architect of Delay Attribution, Performance & Reliability Management, which remains at the heart of the UK rail system.

In recent years Bob has worked extensively in the international arena. His work has included feasibility studies for new line construction and major upgrades of existing routes, often through hostile terrain and associated extreme weather conditions. These railways are almost invariably required to deliver high performance specifications particularly capacity, speed and operational safety.

During 46 years he has held senior positions including Divisional and Regional Civil Engineer appointments with British Rail. With the formation of the Market led railway in the early 1990s Bob was appointed Infrastructure Manager responsible for the East Coast Main Line. With the formation of Railtrack in 1994 Bob was appointed Zone Director for the East Coast Route before joining Jarvis where he was main board director and Chairman of the rail division

Bob is presently: Chairman of the Irish Rail Infrastructure Advisory Board; Principal Railway Operations and Engineering Advisor to The World Bank for the rehabilitation and upgrade of the central line in Tanzania; and Principal Railway Engineering Advisor to Standard Bank of South Africa for a new railway construction in Malawi.

Business development, cost effective infrastructure, and strategic system development being his major contribution to ART.