Advanced Rail Technologies
The Omnibus Total Operational Support suite of software.

The core system was initially constructed from ground level upwards to introduce greater planning accuracy and operations scheduling for the Bus and Rapid Transit market. It is one of the few systems in the form of a comprehensive package, offering Operational and Resource Planning through to Crew rostering and then linked to an optional Optimisation system. Also included are modules to assist transportation information displays. In this form it meets every requirement for the bus, rapid transit, and metro service from inception to delivery in published format.

Omnibus Systems of Oldham can provide an extremely user friendly high level Planning tool which has been applied by many consultancy groups and rail business to determine service both potential options and real time application. The ease of use and wide range of functionality makes this product ideal for rail franchise and system enhancement tasks.

Success is demonstrated by increasing business growth over the last five years in both the United Kingdom and Overseas administrations. These include the First Group of Companies together with Rapid Transit Systems in the United Kingdom to two of the core Operators in Hong Kong. Advanced Rail Technologies retain every confidence in offering these systems.

Above: Capacity management overview on the Northern part of the East Coast Rail System UK

Above: Two out of the three major Hong Kong Transport bus fleets apply the Omnibus UK Operational support tools

Above: Manchester Metro Rapid Transit is one of four systems which use the Omnibus Operational Systems