Advanced Rail Technologies
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Data Loggers

Technological development has provided recording mechanisms for traction and rolling stock, and software analytical systems are available for general railway use; however, equipment appropriate for line side application has been limited to specific requirements such as hot axle box detectors and thermal recordings.
Over the last five years data recorder development has progressed with fitment to infrastructure locations increasing significantly year on year. The recorders contribute to refinement of maintenance procedures. Examples being through monitoring point and switch closing times indicating when movement time varies from the specification and calling for attention.
In a number of areas the periodic inspection times have been replaced by servicing when justified leading to maintenance economies and reduction in operational delay. Data recording of track and point actual usage, condition reporting such as temperature and rail hammer-blow though wheel flats and out of balance equipment all contribute to the economics of the maintenance regime. One definitive example being that the British Rail Infrastructure company Network Rail have stated that Data logger fitments at selected point and cross over locations have reduced delay over a period of one year by one million minutes.

SA-380 Railway Signalling Datalogger

The SA380 has been developed specifically to meet the functionality and cost benefits that the industry requires for the future. Specified functionally by signal engineers it is the ideal solution for level crossing, interlocking and bespoke monitoring applications.

Download Datasheet SA-380 Railway Signalling Datalogger (PDF 175Kb)

SA-380C and SAE-380CP Railway Signalling Datalogger (Compact and Portable)

The SA380C is a compact version of the successful SA380 signalling datalogger. A portable variant (the SA380CP) is also available, with ruggedised handles for carrying and protection of base connectors.

Download Datasheet SA-380CP Railway Signalling Datalogger (Compact and Portable) (PDF 175Kb)

SA-380TX Trackside Interface Module

The SA380TX is designed to connect any type of trackside sensor to server-based supervisory and diagnostics systems.
  • Track circuits
  • Points condition
  • Rail temperature
  • Cut track section monitoring
  • Auto signal / SFI investigation
  • Insulation monitoring
Download Datasheet SA-380TX Trackside Interface Module (PDF 175Kb)

SA-380TX-L Trackside Interface Module

The TX-L is the latest addition to the SA380 family of precision data acquisition systems designed for the unique railway environment. It shares much of the design philosophy of the SA380 and SA380TX with all the electrical isolation, rugged form and ease of installation and use that is now expected of these products.
The "L" in TX-L stands for "lean" - part count has been reduced by 30% compared to the TX, bringing together higher reliability, lower environmental impact and lower cost. Despite these economies the TX-L boasts improvements, such as greater sampling accuracy.

Download Datasheet SA-380TX-L Trackside Interface Module (PDF 175Kb)

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